Featured Project: ‘Black is a Color’ Fine Art Pieces

Advertising and fine art photographer Tim Tadder, the artist behind the “Black is a Color” photography exhibition series, utilizes the Epson SureColor P9570 44″ fine art printer as part of his creative process for his exhibitions and ongoing advertising and portfolio work. The inks provide Tadder with an expanded color gamut and improved black density to create highly detailed, exhibition-quality prints in his studio.

Tadder’s recent “Black is a Color” fine art series incorporated bald models as highly conceptual objects with swirling of color against jet black backgrounds.

“My fine art photographs are vibrant, bold, and reproduce color in unique ways, and this latest Epson technology brought it all together on the final print,” says Tadder.

Using metallic, glossy photo paper with the black enhance overcoat mode on the P9570 printer, Tadder could reproduce tonal gradients and saturated colors against the “wet-looking” black background.

“I print huge prints, as large as 42” X 54,” tape them to the wall and live with them,” he explains. “Photographs are not the same on a computer monitor. By printing the image and living with it first, it gives me the ability to experience what others will experience so I can make any changes and control all aspects of the final product.”

He continues, “I enjoy printing my advertising and fine art portfolios. It gives me control of how my work is experienced, especially if someone is reviewing without me present.”

“The 12-color ink set with violet, orange, and green ink provides a distinctively wide color gamut,” says Tadder of the Epson SureColor P9570. “The black enhanced overcoat offered on the SureColor P9570 is incredible and provides the dynamic range required when printing a majority of my work, including the recent ‘Black is a Color’ series.”

All of Tadder’s images go through a rigorous creative process before being considered final. “These works of art are going to be hanging in someone’s home long after I’m gone,” he explains. “I want them to be perfect.”

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