Featured Project: Attracting Eyeballs Wherever It Goes

Point of View Graphics was launched in 1992 and offers a variety of graphic services aside from just vehicle wraps.

This featured project is a wrap done for Target’s former delivery company, Instacart (earlier this year the retail giant switched delivery services and dumped Instacart). The wrap was done by Emeryville, California-based Point of View Graphics, which has been wrapping in the Oakland/San Francisco Bay area since 1992.

The company notes on its website that it takes great pride in its staff’s certifications, and regularly conducts in-house training for its team members to update them on the latest tools and the newest vinyl available.

You can see from the pics that there’s a lot going on with this delivery truck, from the rivets to the doors and windows that open all over the place, but from where we sit at WRAPS central-our Point of View-the crew nailed it!

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