Featured Project: ANC Video Displays Selected for Texas’ Dickies Arena

The Dickies Arena, scheduled for opening this November, is owned by the city of Fort Worth, Texas, who voted to build it. ANC is handing the arena's interior electronic signage.

Purchase, New York-based ANC, a designer, integrator, operator and creator of content for video display systems for stadiums, arenas and other entertainment facilities, announces that it has been chosen by Trail Drive Management Corp. to install a complete video display network at Dickies Arena in Fort Worth, Texas.

Dickies Arena is owned by the city of Fort Worth and TDMC is its nonprofit operating entity.

According to ANC, TDMC is partnering with ANC to design and install a new center-hung display, fascia ribbon boards and courtside displays throughout the under-construction venue. The display will be the second largest continuous display featuring 360-degree playback-as one canvas-in the United States.

The company says the center-hung display will weigh 12 times more than a Chevrolet Silverado and combined, the boards will feature 21 times more pixels than the number of people living in Fort Worth. The displays will be synchronized by ANC’s vSOFT operating system.

The new video network includes a rounded display that will enhance the viewing experience with a larger canvas for content, stats, video and animations. The main video display, which is made up of four, 6-milimeter displays measuring approximately 25′ high x  38′ wide, seamlessly wraps into four, 6-milimeter corner displays.

Through ANC’s vSOFT operating system, Dickies Arena can enable continuous playback across the entire display network, allowing for standout moments of exclusivity and other dramatic features. When used in the full layout, content can extend 180 feet around the full circumference of the board.

Additionally, two 4-milimeter boards measuring 10′ by 35 ¼’ have been placed inside the center video board on the east and west sides. These boards will combine live video and replays with advanced statistics, creating an unparalleled view for lower bowl seats and premium guests.

A 360-degree, 16-milimeter fascia ribbon board will wrap the upper bowl, supplying fans with statistics and scores and maximizing revenue by allowing dynamic advertisements. A second set of fascia displays that will run alongside the sidelines, measuring 233 ½’ x 2 ½’, will also feature the tight 16-milimeter display.

Finally, four courtside tables featuring a stunning 4-milimeter product will be used to create the courtside scoring table LEDs. The 38′ by 2 ½’ tables will be controlled using the vSOFT technology, ensuring that all boards will feature synchronized content.

The displays will feature Mitsubishi Electric Power Products Inc.‘s Diamond Vision System Division XL Series featuring Real Black technology.

“Dickies Arena will bring quality entertainment to Fort Worth, and our video displays will help create an immersive environment for a wide variety of events,” says Matt Homan, president and general manager of TDMC.

ANC’s designers and engineers have worked closely with the arena on customizing the displays to integrate seamlessly with the overall look of the arena. ANC will also work with Dickies Arena to operate the displays during live events, while ANC Studios creates engaging content for the display system

“We are excited to partner with Dickies Arena and bring our years of expertise and award-winning technology to this exciting new project,” says Dave Watroba, vice-president of sales for ANC. “These technological enhancements will allow Dickies Arena to host a variety of events, offering an experience unlike any other in the region.”

The $540 million, 14,000-seat, multi-purpose arena is scheduled to open in November and it will serve to complement the current Will Rogers Memorial Coliseum, which will continue to serve as a major equestrian show arena.

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