Featured Project: A Wrap Meant to Memorialize

This wrap was conceptualized by a former California Highway Patrolman and ex-Marine.

This featured project is from Sacramento, California’s Vehicle Wraps Inc., which created it for The Thin Blue Line Memorial Mustang, conceptualized by Mike Becze, a retired California Highway Patrol officer and U.S. Marine. The vehicle honors police officers who died in the line of duty by incorporating the Thin Blue Line flag theme, as well as a tribute to the Newhall Incident.

The Newhall Incident happened April 6, 1970, and is described as the deadliest day in the history of California Law Enforcement. On that day, four officers were killed during a traffic stop involving two heavily armed perpetrators. This incident set the standard for procedures handling high-risk suspects and the use of firearms by officers nationwide.

The wrap was designed by Elton McWashington and fabricated by Tyler Rafferty and Aaron Duncombe.

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