Featured Project: A Sign that Works 24/7

Using special vinyl overlays allows for the letters to appear black in daytime and white at night.

When Indianapolis-based industrial supplies and distribution company FlexPAC Corp. needed a new sign, it contacted TKO Signs in nearby Plainfield, Indiana. TKO is a full-service sign shop founded in 1985.

FlexPAC told TKO it needed a sign that would stand out day and night. Thousands of motorists pass their facility, located adjacent to I-465 in Indianapolis, 24 hours a day, the company said, but it wanted to make itself more vision. The building is light in color, requiring dark letters for the sign to be visible in daylight. But dark letters don’t lend themselves to being lit and they don’t show well after dark.

TKO’s solution was to make the sign both dark and light. Dual color vinyl sign material has been available for several years and is the perfect solution to the day or night visibility predicament, according to TKO. By overlaying the white acrylic sign facing with perforated black material it can be back-lit showing white at night and black in the daytime. The overlay has a series of small openings similar to a grid of circles, exposing the white background. When viewed closely, the grid of circles looks like small dots, but when seen from a short distance, the dots aren’t visible.

This technique allows for maximum exposure, day or night. Black letters against a light colored building stand out in the day and white lighted channel letters show extremely well at night. Both variations of the sign are hard to miss, TKO says.

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