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The design and installation of the network was done by Cincinatt's ICB Audio and Video, and Visix trained the museum operators on the system.

Atlanta-based Visix, which designs and develops digital signage software and other products, announces that the Cincinnati Museum Center has successfully deployed a digital signage network powered by the company’s AxisTV Signage Suite software.

The network today includes 35 endpoints in public-facing and employee areas, leveraging on-premise enterprise content management software and media players for 1080p content creation, management and playout. The museum will soon roll out a separate playlist of 4K content in the museum’s IMAX theater using the same Visix software.

Cincinnati Museum Center, according to Visix, bills itself as a “one-of-a-kind, multi-museum complex” that inspires learning and education through science, regional history, and engaging and meaningful experiences. The museum is located inside Union Terminal, a historical Art Deco transit station and National Historical Landmark that has undergone substantial renovations and expansion in recent years.

ICB Audio and Video, a Cincinnati-based dealer and systems integrator, managed the design and installation of the digital signage network. ICB initially considered a video streaming solution before shifting its strategy to digital signage, which would provide more flexibility for diverse and targeted content as the network grows.

Visix HDn digital signage players support 1080p content playout on the 35 screens.

The 4K content will include pre-show advertisements, theater promotions and general announcements in the Robert D. Lindner Family OMNIMAX Theater, using Visix’s 4K media player to power resolutions up to 3840 x 2160. Visix’s internal project management team has supported the rollout through a comprehensive remote training and support services package, ensuring that content contributors and network operators at the museum are confident to use, manage and scale the network.

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