Expand Your Capabilities with CNC Routers

Whether you want to keep things small with a desktop-sized CNC router or put a large gantry tool to use in your business, you're bound to see a return on your investment even sooner than you anticipated. 

For many years, CNC (computer numerically controlled) routers were viewed as a tool used mostly by woodworkers and cabinet makers. Once people began to understand the ability to machine materials other than wood, it became apparent that there were a lot of other uses for a CNC router-particularly in the field of sign making.

As the call increased for sculptural and dimensional signage, sign makers found themselves exploring new technology to keep up with the demand. It was no longer cost-effective to hand carve and cut all of their signs, especially when the amount of time it took to create each individual sign was factored into the equation. Utilizing these routers to create more complex signs was becoming more applicable, and instead of purchasing their own CNC routers, sign makers sought out fabrication shops to do their CNC work for them.

Being at the mercy of another shop’s schedule and competing for time with other people using their services can become detrimental to prompt delivery of projects to customers. The time-saving component of a CNC gets negated by the delays in time as you “wait your turn” for the fabrication shop to get to your project. This happening one too many times is often the push one needs to purchase their own CNC router.

The cost of entry into owning a CNC isn’t as daunting as it once was, especially when you begin to calculate all the time and upcharge saved by keeping the work in-house instead of having to outsource it. Once you have a CNC in your shop, you’re no longer depending on someone else for deliverables, it’s all in your own hands. You no longer have to turn away work that is too difficult to do with traditional techniques and you’ll find that your creativity is sparked all-the-more when you’re able to spend more time on the designing on the front end and less time on the handwork for finishing the project.

You won’t have to turn away projects that appear overly complex. Projects that once seemed impossible to take on due to scale, scope, and time spent on detail work all become far more manageable with the help of a CNC. As a matter of fact, this tool can open up doors to other sign-related work as well, store and POP displays, tradeshow exhibits, and three-dimensional wall and floor displays.

Whether you want to keep things small with a desktop-sized tool or put a large gantry tool to use in your business, you’re bound to see a return on your investment even sooner than you anticipated. When you make it a ShopBot CNC, you don’t just get a robust tool to do the job, you also gain a partner that is invested in your success.
ShopBot’s CNC tools provide the power, precision, and reliability of big-iron CNC tools costing thousands of dollars more. You can machine, cut, and carve into a variety of materials including wood, MDF, plastics, foam, and aluminum.

ShopBot is one of the largest producers of digital fabrication equipment for the small-to-midsized manufacturing, DIY, and education markets. All ShopBot tools are designed, built, and supported in Durham, North Carolina. 

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