Establish an Emotional Margin with Sublimation

Produce products that feed this need.

Marketplace perception has a huge impact on selling price. An item is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it. In fact, with sublimation, what goes on the product usually has a greater impact on margin than what the product itself is. That’s because of the emotional connection, what we can call the “emotional margin.” When a customer gets a positive inner feeling from the item (usually the visual aspect), they feel like it has a higher value. Thus, you must make every effort to produce images that feed this need.

Personalized products are a great example, especially when they include a photograph of a family member or pet. Personalization is a powerful marketing word, as it implies the item was made specifically for the recipient.

Keep reading to learn about pricing for sublimation in the November ’19 issue of A&E.

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