Enhance Glass with Laser Engraving

Consider these tricks to make specific items stand out.

With glass, there is fairly low contrast between the lasered or etched portion and the background, unless it is color-coated. The two primary tricks I use to make specific items stand out are thicker lines and highlighting ornaments.

  • With text, you can simply add an outline to your text. Just make sure your laser does not read this as a vector cutting line. Turn any text with an added outline into a bitmap. This assures no attempted cutting will take place and the laser will actually engrave the outline. In addition to adding an outline to text, there are more choices to thicken the text. The font you choose (if you have a choice) and weight of the font such as bold or extra bold may work. Adding an outline allows you to micromanage the font’s thickness. Sometimes a little will go a long way.
  • Ornaments (simple graphics) can be used to highlight important text such as a name or award name. They may also be used as separators between graphics or perhaps unrelated text. Keep in mind, simple is best. It should help separate or highlight, not steal the show from the important items. I like to draw my own and use pieces from logos and government seals as ornaments. There are many ornament or graphic fonts available for your use.
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