Engraved Products Rings in 45 Years with New Location and Management

Dave MacNutt joins the team during the company's 45th year in business.

Engraved Products LLC, a custom awards business based in Danbury, Connecticut, brings Dave MacNutt on as the new general manager. The change just so happens to coincide with the company’s move from Watertown to Danbury, as well as its 45th year in business. 

The company got its start in 1974 by Carl Hafner with a mission to provide premium quality engraving with exceptional service. Over time, Engraved Products has worked with corporate companies such as Duracell and GE, along with organizations and schools in the area, according to the company.

Engraved Products and MacNutt share a little bit of history together, as well. Before joining Engraved Products, MacNutt was the athletic director at a few different schools including the Wooster School, also located in Danbury. 

According to MacNutt, one of the first things he did when he arrived at Wooster in the summer of 1992 was look at its trophy case. When he noticed a bunch of awards were missing, he called the different trophy shops in the area to see who had done business with Wooster School. 

“My first professional call as athletic director of Wooster school was to Engraved Products, and here it is, all these years later – I am now working for Engraved Products,” MacNutt elaborates. 

Throughout the years, MacNutt continued to work with Engraved Products as it transitioned owners and moved from its original location in Brookfield, Connecticut to Watertown in the early 2000s. MacNutt explains that he met Engraved Products’ current owner Graves Kiely from coaching Kiely’s children in basketball and lacrosse. Their relationship formed before Kiely became the owner of Engraved Products; however, once taking over, he decided to move it to Danbury and asked MacNutt to join the team. 

“After 35 years in the field of education, I decided it was time for something new,” MacNutt says. He started as general manager at Engraved Products on June 10, just days after Wooster School’s graduation ceremony. According to MacNutt, there has not been an official opening for the new space in Danbury, as they were still servicing clients during the move and while setting up the new space.  

Now that MacNutt works at Engraved Products, his responsibilities include overseeing the day-to-day operations and managing the other employees. He adds that he and Kiely are working to scale the company over time.

“I have found this to be incredibly enjoyable and rewarding,” says MacNutt. “Having had the experience from being on the other side, it enables me to do my job really well.”

For more information on Engraved Products, visit www.engravedpro.com

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