Denver Sign Supply Launches New Website

The company is named after Denver City, Texas, in case you were wondering. 

Denver Sign Company
Denver Sign Company

Slaughter, Louisiana-based Denver Sign Supply, which distributes supplies and equipment for all types of signage, announces the launch of its new website.

The new user-friendly site features 10 categories of products, including a category marked “clearance.” The “about us” section features some history on the company, as well as a lineup of its staff with complete contact information. Its partner companies are featured under the “links and resources,” and there’s a separate shipping and returns section.

The company history notes that “at least five times a day” someone inquires about the company name, since they’re located nowhere near Denver and there’s no one named Denver that the company is named after. It notes that the founder and company president, Larry Powenski, was born in the small town of Denver City, Texas, and although he moved away many years ago, his hometown still holds a special place in his heart, which is why he named his company after it.

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