Crystal D Celebrates Employees at 17th Annual WOW Day

The company named 18 new award winners at the 17th annual event. 

Crystal D held its annual WOW Day on January 25 this year. The company named 18 new award winners at the 17th annual event. 

Each year, new award winners are recognized for their hard work at Crystal D. The biggest awards went to five new value champions and one new grand value champion. The “winners are nominated throughout the year by their peers…The grand value champion is a former value champion who embodies all five core values. Final selections were made by the management team,” states Jen Jezierski, marketing coordinator at Crystal D. The core values of Crystal D include integrity, quality, respect, commitment, and passion. 

What originally began as a half-day meeting that recapped the previous year’s sales and gave employees next year’s sales goals, WOW Day is now an all-day celebration to honor the value champions. In 2009, Crystal D recognized its first grand value champion.

Jezierski explains, “In addition to the 18 winners, we also honored our Never Fear Always Here winners, who are the people who have missed one day or fewer over the past year. We had 35 winners this year.”

Mike Irvine, COO, gave a presentation about goals for 2019, and Chuck Dahlgren, president, gave a presentation about community outreach, which led to the Volunteer of the Year award. Dahlgren also spoke about his goals to grow the company. Audra Lehnert, marketing coordinator at Crystal D, spoke about how to better communicate as a company. 

“The other fun part of WOW Day this year was our drum core called the Crystal D Dyamos. Six of us learned how to play three songs on the drums and performed throughout the day. Our drum core consisted of Mike Pooler, Eric Wiberg, Adam Leonhardt, Jen Jezierski, Travis Brynness, and Bonnie Lopez. We also had skits by each table team,” Jezierski adds. 

The 2018 Value Champions are:

Grand Value Champion: Becca Klotz, business development

Integrity Value Champion: Jen Jezierski, marketing department

Quality Value Champion: Linda Chang, production department

Respect Value Champion; Tim Leutbounshou, customer service department

Commitment Value Champion: Pisenny Xiong, production department

Passion Value Champion: Liz Thill, solutions specialist

In addition to the main awards, twelve other awards were distributed during WOW Day.

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