Crystal D Again Donates Awards to Lifeworks Annual Celebration

Crystal D has been involved with this event since 2012.

Crystal D has once again donated six awards to the Lifeworks Annual Celebration at The Depot in Minneapolis, Minnesota on April 25, 2019. The company has been involved with the event since 2012.

Lifeworks Services, a nonprofit organization that gives opportunities to people with disabilities, puts on this event each year to fundraise as well as celebrate people with disabilities and those who support them. This year’s event in particular honored one Advocate of the Year, one Staff Excellence award, one Employer of the Year, and three Personal Achievement winners.

Crystal D president, Chuck Dahlgren, originally learned about the organization from his friend Judy Lynse, the previous CEO of Lifeworks. Dahlgren got Crystal D involved with Lifeworks after he attended the gala and saw the awards being presented. Since then, he offered to donate the awards for the gala every year.

“Chuck likes to give back whenever he can, and that extends throughout the company,” states Jen Jezierski, marketing coordinator at Crystal D. “We started donating the awards because Chuck believes every award winner should have a beautiful reminder of their accomplishments.”

To thank Crystal D, Lifeworks reserved a table for employees of Crystal D to experience the celebrations first-hand. Those in attendance from Crystal D were Chuck Dahlgren and his wife, Jeanne; Bridget Dahlgren (director of sales and marketing) and her daughter, Madison; Amy Felton (Chuck’s executive assistant); Derek Edwards (production team lead) and his fiancée, Emily Olson; Matt Boyles (customer service specialist); and Jezierski.

“I’ve never been to an award ceremony like that before,” remarks Boyles. “Seeing every winner smile, laugh, and cry really got to me. Knowing I had a small part in the creation of the award was a really cool feeling.”

For more information about this event, visit Crystal D’s blog here: https://www.crystal-d.com/blog/celebrating-extraordinary-stories.

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