Cross-Selling Your Sublimation Services

Squeeze out more money with every job

Sublimation has applications that go way beyond signs, such that you can generate more revenue from every customer and reach into new markets at the same time. To put this into perspective, suppose Hookers Big Fish products had only come to you for one sign. In all likelihood, they probably need other things, too, like promotional products, awards, apparel, etc., but were planning on leaving your shop to go to other places for the other items. Instead, you ask a few probing questions, while showing some samples such as a photo plaque to recognize a top-producing salesman, or an iPhone cover with a corporate logo. Suddenly you have opened the door to a much larger sale.

This is a technique referred to as cross-selling and it’s a major benefit of sublimation due to the wide assortment of substrates available. Cross-selling lets you instantly tap into your existing customer base using sublimation as a tool to squeeze out more money with every job, as it gives you the ability to offer a wide assortment of complementary products with every order simply because you can.

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