Create Depth with Freehand Sandcarving

Are you looking to create some depth in your sandcarving projects?

You may want to carve an image in multiple stages and create some depth within an area that was already blasted to a certain depth and no longer has any resist to define a shape within this shape. This is what we call freehand carving, where we use the blaster as a sculpting tool without the aid of resist. This requires not only great hand-eye coordination, but complete attention, since you must know exactly where you want to point your nozzle, how close you need to go, how fast or slow you need to move, and at what angle you must hold the nozzle to achieve the effect you are after. Last not but least, you must also adjust your pressure to fit the size and depth of the intended blast.

-Ruth Dobbins, Professional Glass Consultants

Ruth Jan 2018

Ruth Dobbins

With over 40 years in the glass business, Ruth Dobbins offers experience in all glass-etching techniques as well as in fused and cast glass. Ruth holds a master’s degree in art and has been a partner in an art glass wholesale supply and studio company in Europe, which also placed great emphasis on a training program, before joining forces with her late husband Norm. You can reach Ruth by email at ruth@etchmaster.com or by phone at 505-473-9203.

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