CorelDRAW Tips: Markers

What do Markers have to do with an object in CorelDRAW?

Moving an object is known as one method of transforming it in CorelDRAW. There are some other basic ways an object can be transformed, such as resizing, rotating, skewing, and mirroring. When an object is selected, there are eight Markers that appear along the implied rectangular perimeter of the object, four in each corner and four mid-way along each side. In addition, there is a Marker in the center of the rectangle. The perimeter Markers function in multiple ways, allowing us to resize, change proportions, rotate, and skew the selected object in an intuitive, eyeball manner in keeping with the click-and-drag method. 

The first time an object is clocked on using the Pick tool, the Markers allow us to resize the object. By clicking on a corner Marker and dragging in or out, the object is made smaller or larger while maintaining the original proportions. By clicking on the bottom Markers, the vertical dimensions can be increased or reduced without affecting the horizontal dimensions. Conversely, the side Markers will increase or decrease the horizontal dimensions without affecting the vertical dimensions.

-Jim Sadler 

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