CorelDRAW Tips: Gradient Transparencies

How are gradient transparencies applied in CorelDRAW?

Vector graphics have been known to suffer from a too-finished appearance due to the fact that objects have been limited to flat color areas and strokes.

The various ways in which gradient color can be applied has greatly helped to make objects lose their flatness and appear more organic.

Being able to apply uniform transparencies has furthered the possibility of a natural appearance, and the ability to apply gradient transparencies is a big leap forward in that direction.

Since the 2017 version of CorelDRAW, gradient transparencies are applied by clicking in one spot to establish the Start marker and dragging to establish the End marker. An arrow runs between the two markers and a Slider control makes it possible to adjust the intensity of the applied transparency. This alone offers a great deal of control, but then there is the Properties bar with even more options available than with the Drop Shadow tool.

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