Colorado Print Shop Transitions to Minuteman Press Franchise

Avi Kumar converted Ron’s Printing Center in Longmont into his second Minuteman Press location

Avi Kumar has been part of the Minuteman Press franchise since May 2016 as the owner of Minuteman Press in Greeley, Colorado. In February 2021, Kumar had the opportunity to buy Ron’s Printing Center located in Longmont, which was in business for 40 years. He converted Ron’s Printing Center into his second Minuteman Press location in February of 2021 and is now celebrating one year in business at the new location.

Kumar says, “Our Regional Vice President Jack Panzer told us about this established business for sale in Longmont, which is 40 minutes from us. The main advantage was to extend profitability and expand our business in Northern Colorado.”

He continues, “Another advantage was that we did not have to spend a lot of extra effort in marketing this as a new business because Ron’s Printing Center had been established for a long time. The employees were all very hands-on and diligent — and we were able to retain them all. Within the second month, we added mailings, promotional products, and apparel to their product lines. In fact, we just wrapped up a 30K mailer for a local non-profit organization and secured a large apparel order as well.”

The Longmont location now offers custom printing, graphic design services, and promotional products/apparel.

Before franchising in 2016, Kumar worked in retail as a convenience store manager of several locations. “I used to manage some stores in Illinois for a big outfit out of Wisconsin. I finally got tired of answering to my boss and decided I wanted to own my own business. I moved on to better pastures, and we decided as a family that Colorado was our calling.”

Kumar is thankful for being able to work with Minuteman Press and Jack Panzer over the past five-plus years in Greeley and on the conversion in Longmont in 2021. He says, “Working with Jack is amazing as he is very thorough and helpful. Since I started my business in Greeley in 2016, he has been a huge resource for us and very supportive.”

He adds that while he continues to build in Longmont, he’s also expanding his Greeley location to a new 5,000-square-foot facility. “We started small and grew the business, and now we are building on that success at the right, consistent pace,” he concludes.

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