Chat with Matt: An interview with Randy Suchon and Jamie Tarver

This month's interview is with Randy Suchon, Customer Service and Quality Manager, and Jamie Tarver, Customer Service Representative, of Mountain Commercial Graphics in Houston.

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This month’s interview is with Randy Suchon, Customer Service and Quality Manager, and Jamie Tarver, Customer Service Representative, of Mountain Commercial Graphics in Houston.

What path led you to Mountain Commercial Graphics?

“I have always been fascinated with printing and the history of printing. Coming from a long line of printers, it was in my blood,” Tarver says. “After being in offset printing for 31 years, I decide I wanted to learn a new type of printing – Screen/Digital printing, so I searched for the best of the best.”

You offer a wide spectrum of graphics options, but what market segment has been seeing the most growth lately? 

“Over the past several months, we have seen growth in the fleet and petroleum markets we service,” Suchon says. “Many of these customers continuously look for ways to gain a market edge and new, creative graphic images help them in that effort.”

What kind of printers do you use for your digital printing and are you currently looking into any new printing technologies? 

“We utilize all of the latest technologies for printing, determined by the requirement of our customer’s application,” Suchon says. “These include latex, UV and solvent based digital printers. We are always reviewing the latest advancements in digital printing and stay on the cutting edge to ensure our customers get the best possible product.”

Running a business is always a challenge, but what are some of the biggest challenges you face in your area? 

“Our biggest challenges revolve around marketing and ensuring we spend wisely to reach the right markets and customers that will benefit from our capabilities and service,” Suchon says. “Our established systems, procedures and processes allow us to effectively serve our customers. Getting that news to potential new customers requires a well-managed approach.”

What are some ways you and your staff keep up with new technologies and techniques to stay ahead of your competition? 

“We regularly attend the various trade shows within our industry and have close relationships and constant communication with our suppliers and equipment vendors,” Suchon says.

What is your preferred hiring method to use when you need to add a qualified employee to your shop?

We have had success with hiring new staff through a variety of avenues,” Suchon says. “These include recruiting agencies and a number of different internet sites. Word of mouth and employee references have also brought us some great new hires.”

What project is your shop most proud of? 

“We love our military and we have had the opportunity to do several wraps for trailers that honor our military,” Tarver says.

What has been the biggest change your shop has had to undergo since it was founded? 

“Ensuring our employees are continuously learning and growing to keep abreast of the technology changes in our industry,” Suchon says. “Being our most valuable asset, we need to give them the tools and resources required to facilitate that education. We recently had three members of our team take part in the 3M Mobile Training Vehicle Program.”

How involved is your shop in community events and what local companies do you have regular partnerships with? 

“For the past 14+ years, we have regularly supported the MDA and ALS associations with their charity events through a variety of sponsorships,” Suchon says. “We are proud of our support for the Wounded Warrior Project and the great work they do in supporting our veterans.  We have also given financial donations and offered printing services to various schools, churches and other charitable organizations in our community.”

Matt Dixon

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