Chase Street Accessories & Engraving Nominated for Local Award

The Baltimore, Maryland-based shop has been nominated for best new store, Instagram account, and more by a local publication.

Baltimore, Maryland-based Chase Street Accessories & Engraving has been nominated as Best New Store by the Baltimore Sun. Members of the community had until March 6 to cast their votes for their favorite local businesses to be featured in Baltimore Sun’s Best, a special print edition that awards businesses in the April issue of the local magazine. The winners, selected from several categories including Art Gallery, Concert Series, Craft Fair, Florist, and many more will be announced on April 19th. 

Chase Street Accessories & Engraving are in the running for this award after opening shop in May of 2019. According to Shana Kayne Beach, owner of Chase Street, the grand opening of the shop was coordinated to coincide with a local festival. Since opening, Beach says, “We’ve run fundraisers for local causes such as Mentoring Mentors and B&Dee’s Baltimore Love, and we’ve been the go-to shop for swag for organizations like the Baltimore Supper Club.” 

She continues, “We’ve worked really hard to be involved in the local community, so this is a very welcome recognition of our hard work. It’s nice to know we’ve got support in return.”

Before opening the business with her husband Chris, Beach served a couple of deployments on the U.S. Air Force. The couple ended up moving to Baltimore City, where they bought real estate that included a storefront. 

“I joked that I should open an awards and personalization shop,” Beach states. “We half-jokingly played with the idea, which eventually developed into a full business plan and snowballed into a serious concept from there.”

Additionally, Beach says she worked in an engraving shop many years ago during high school. Once coming up with the idea to open shop, their friend Robbie Marcouiller joined in as the full-time general manager and design lead. Now, they also have a part-time accounts manager, Lauren Stroll, who handles the customer service portion. Moving forward, Beach has more plans developing for the business. 

“I’d like to have enough business to create even more jobs in the community and/or bring in interns,” she explains. “There’s a lot of creativity and potential in our immediate neighborhood, and we’d like to leverage that; it’s something that makes Baltimore City unique.”

As Baltimore is currently undergoing a small renaissance and revitalization, according to Beach, there are tons of development projects springing up in the neighborhood.

“I like to think we’re encouraging positive personal connections during a time when it’s so much easier to be negative and impersonal,” Beach concludes.

As well as the nomination for Best New Store, Chase Street is in the running for the following categories: Instagram Account, Twitter Personality, Redditor, and Bridal Shop (because of the shop’s options for gifts, favors, and décor). 

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