BSN Sports Appoints NBA Trainer Procopio to Brand Ambassador

 BSN Sports names Mike Procopio as brand ambassador for the company's basketball division. 


DALLAS- BSN Sports names Mike Procopio as brand ambassador for the company’s basketball division. Procopio also serves as director of player development for the Dallas Mavericks.

As brand ambassador, Procopio is responsible for helping to enhance customer, vendor, and other relationships and expand the company’s footprint in the basketball market. BSN notes that Procopio’s background with the NBA, including time as a strategic game management coach for Kobe Bryant, are an asset to the department. Procopio will also head up 25 free basketball coaching clinics nationwide this fall to “help ensure preparedness for the upcoming season and equip coaches with the latest knowledge and resources,” BSN says.

“Mike’s background and experience are unparalleled: from Kobe to the Mavericks and beyond,” says Ben Connery, VP of category management and youth sales at BSN Sports. “It is a testament to the BSN SPORTS platform that we’ve attracted a professional of his caliber. Most importantly, this platform greatly expands Mike’s sphere of positive influence. We’re thrilled to have him on the team and are currently filling up his coaching clinic schedule for 2019 and 2020.”

For more information, visit www.bsnsports.com.

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