BSE Inc. Announces Acquisition of Business Assets of Purex Inc.

The acquisition should be seamless for customers, according to Brad Banfill, president of BSE.

Brad Banfill President BSE Purex
Brad Banfill President BSE Purex

BSE Inc., an independent supplier of fume extraction systems, announced that it recently acquired the business assets of Purex Inc., based in Schaumburg, Illinois. It will assume operations as the exclusive master distributor for Purex fume extraction products in North, Central, and South America.

The acquisition should be seamless for customers, President of BSE, Brad Banfill, wrote in a letter sent to customers.

Banfill fills the role of president for BSE after over four years with Purex Inc., two of which he served as vice president in Schaumburg. According to Banfill, while working as the vice president of Purex Inc., he began communicating with Andy Easey of Purex Limited on how to better work together.

“We decided this was a unique opportunity to partner as Purex’s master distributor in the Americas, while also expanding to offer complimentary products and services for the market as BSE,” Banfill explains. “BSE and Purex worked closely to make this transition and acquisition as easy and seamless to the market as possible.”

Purex Limited in the United Kingdom continues to produce fume extraction equipment and products.

“BSE Inc. is excited to be a partner with Purex Limited to supply these products to the Americas,” Banfill says. “This acquisition will allow us to not only continue to grow and improve our support of fume extraction products but be more in touch with the needs of our distributors and customers.”

The company’s contact numbers and emails will remain the same.

“We will continue the same business model to supply Purex fume extraction equipment and supplies through the same sales channels and pricing structures,” Banfill concludes.

For more information, visit www.purexinc.com.

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