Broadsign Announces its Acquisition of Ayuda

Ayuda has been listed by Deloitte Canada as one of the 50 fastest-growing companies in Canada for several years.


Montreal-based Broadsign International, a maker of automated digital software for the digital signage industry, announces plans to acquire fellow Montreal company Ayuda Media Systems, makers of software technology that serves the digital out-of-home advertising industry.

According to an announcement of the purchase, for out-of-home (OOH) media owners who have an increasingly complex mix of digital and classic inventory/locations, the combined power of Broadsign and Ayuda will enable them to streamline business operations across all of their inventory, digital and classic.

According to industry statistics, the OOH industry delivered nearly $39 billion of advertising in 2018, and for the first time 50% of that revenue came from digital signage locations. As OOH media owners continue to drive forward, each needs a more unified solution for managing, selling and delivering all of their OOH advertising, regardless of format type, Broadsign says.

“This is a tremendous opportunity to bring together two market leaders in OOH software. Together we can help media owners drive greater efficiency in their business while at the same time realize the full potential of the industry as it becomes increasingly digital,”  says Burr Smith, president and CEO of Broadsign. “The OOH industry has never been in a better place. However, to accelerate growth even more, media owners and their advertisers need access to the most innovative capabilities available, such as tools for revenue optimization and the ability to sell via programmatic buying channels-both of which we can help them access.”

Broadsign says that Ayuda’s present CEO, Luc Filiatreault, and all of the members of the development, operations, sales and services leadership teams have agreed to join Broadsign.

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