British Sign Award Winners for 2019 Announced

The annual awards are meant to highlight outstanding signage in the UK in both static and electronic signs.

The 2019 British Sign Awards were announced recently at a ceremony in Britain. Organized by the ISA-UK, the annual awards are meant to recognize the outstanding work by sign companies in the United Kingdom. The 2019 winners are:

Sign of the Year 2019:

Goodwin & Goodwin created Art Deco-style signage at Dorset House in London. Goodwin & Goodwin were the main contractor for the signage project at the building and designed, manufactured and installed built-up letters with trough lighting; the illuminated Art Deco canopy in polished stainless steel and glass; and illuminated steel and glass door surrounds. The company says that because Dorset House is a listed 1920’s Art Deco building, getting the architectural details right on the project was very important.

They add that bending the stainless steel around the corners proved difficult and took several attempts.

The Construction Award 2019:

The isGroup built the external signage for IM Group’s new headquarters, which included a huge cast iron logo sign and three, unique, illuminated monoliths manufactured from a range of materials.

Architectural Sign of the Year 2019:

Goodwin & Goodwin for Dorset House

The Innovation Award 2019:

Signs Express in central Lancashire was the winner for the bull it crafted for the White Bull Mews Pub. The original fiberglass model of a bull was stolen from the sign, and the company used 3D printing techniques to create a replacement. According to Signs Express, the turnaround time on the job was just two weeks and the cost of replacement was cut by 50 percent using 3D printing.

The Craftsman Award 2019:

Morgan Signs and Design completed a project at a canal-side restaurant owned by Hall & Woodhouse. The company built a narrowboat that sits half inside and half outside the restaurant. More than 100 hours went into the design, the company says, and the finished product was hand-painted. Morgan also supplied other traditional signage for the restaurant.

The Wayfinding Scheme of the Year 2019:

The winner in this category was f.r.a., which did the signage for the refurbished Metquarter, a shopping center in Liverpool. The company was responsible for developing the wayfinding strategy, as well as designing a variety of both external and internal signage, some illuminated and some not.

Wide-Format Project of the Year 2019:

The winner was Lavastar Signs for their full building wrap on the Tenerife Perla jewelry store. The transformation of the building included more than 600 square meters-nearly 2,000 square feet-of printed graphics and nearly 1,000 square feet of framework.

Using a tensioned fabric system for most of the building allows the client to update the display throughout the year. The store’s owner says the increased foot traffic has been dramatic enough that it’s going to roll out a similar look across its other stores throughout Europe.

Leisure Industry Signage of the Year 2019:

Castleton Signs won with its new signage developed for the Hop Vietnamese restaurant in London. Castleton used a mix of bold neon, illuminated lightboxes, widow graphics, and brightly colored wallpapers to achieve the look the customer was looking for.

Castleton worked on the signage with the design company, Mystery.

Roll-Out Program of the Year 2019:

Beyond Signage is a small company of just 10 people but is handling the roll-out for all the internal and external signage for the Applegreen service stations, which are being built throughout Ireland. One challenging part of this project, the company says, is each fuel station’s signage is slightly unique to that location.

The D├ęcor Award 2019:

Sign of the Times did all of the interior signage for the new company headquarters of financial services company Telford Mann. This included wall graphics, window graphics, wayfinding signage and a stairwell feature-wall based on the company logo.

Sign of the Times received design assistance from Triad UK.

Retail Sign of the Year 2019:

Butterfield Signs won in this category for its work with McDonald’s, a company it has partnered with for more than 20 years. Over that time Butterfield has installed signage at more than 1,200 McDonald’s locations in the UK. The sign company is in the process of replacing all of the menu signs in McDonald’s drive-throughs with digital signs.

Illuminated Sign of the Year 2019:

Signbox won for its illuminated sign for ‘One Bartholomew’, an upscale office building in the heart of London. Assigned with producing wall art for the high-ceilinged reception area, Signbox devised a barcode that represented the building’s name-‘One Bartholmew’-and produced it using a series of vertical LED neon panels.

The sign is roughly 50′ x 6′ and weighs about 2,200 pounds.

Vehicle Graphics of the Year 2019:

Print Sauce Associates won for ‘Sam’s Van,’ a full wrap of the custom fiberglass body of a van in the shape of a loaf of bread. The vehicle was done as part of a product launch featuring Rugby legend, Sam Warburton, and had to be done in total secrecy to ensure it had maximum impact at the launch.

Small Business Sign of the Year 2019:

The BSGA says Butler Signs won for the wide array of signage it submitted in its portfolio, including halo-illuminated signs, glass signs, built-up letters and vinyl print.

Young Signmaker of the Year 2019:

Daniel Garrett joined Graffiti Design in 2013 as a trainee and within three years he was in charge of all CNC routing. Now 24, Garrett is a co-manager with the company.

Product of the Year 2019:

Silver Bullet Large-Format Pro Primer is the winner in this category. It was designed to address issues that come up when installing paste-up and self-adhesive media to painted surfaces.

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