BCS Trophies Devastated by Fire

Texas-based awards shop is left picking up the pieces after a fire in December.

Before the holidays hit, BCS Trophies of Bryan, Texas, was hit with significant damage from a fire on the morning of December 13. The cause of the fire is unknown though it could possibly have been electrical, according to BCS Trophies Owners Quinten and Kim Shutt. 

Despite the fire department’s best efforts, there was little to be salvaged from the fire, smoke, and water damage. “Everything was ruined,” says Kim Shutt. “It was a total loss.”

Since what the business operated in was a portable building, she was unable to ever get insurance coverage on it, Shutt explains. 

“It would cost quite a bit to replace everything and start back up so I’m just not sure of the future,” elaborates Shutt. “A lot of people have reached out, but so far nothing has been set up to help us.”

In the meantime, Shutt says she is selling pies, cookies, and other sweet treats to stay busy and make a little bit of income. 

The 35-year-plus business was started and ran by Shutt’s father, before she took over the ownership in 2010. Shutt is the sole employee of the business. “I did a lot of work for Texas A&M University and all the local schools and schools from surrounding areas,” she says.

For more information, visit www.bcstrophies.com

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