Awards Industry Remembers Pioneer Ed Hunt

Longtime friend Stephen Capper reflects on Hunt's life and legacy

Known as a friendly and loyal individual, Edgar Seagle Hunt Jr., a pioneer and veteran within the awards industry, lost his battle with prostate cancer on July 1, 2020. Hunt’s time in the recognition industry was long and well-known.

He was born in Chattanooga, Tennessee, on July 12, 1941, graduated from the University of Chattanooga and The Woodrow Wilson College of Law, and was a member of the executive committee at PDU/CAT.

He received national recognition as an innovator within the trophy industry, with more than 50 years of experience.

Hunt held many friendships within the industry, and Stephen L. Capper, president of A-1 Awards, tells GRAPHICS PRO the pair met in the late ’80s at a Chicago TDMA Trophy Show.

“He was selling for Ray Dodge of Crystal Lake, Illinois,” Capper explains. “Ed met people well and was very friendly.”

Capper continues stating that the best thing about Ed’s ability to meet people well was that “he wanted to be your friend before he tried to sell you anything—Ed Hunt was a people person!”

According to Capper, Hunt was a straight shooter, “He was honest and didn’t sugar coat it when your order would be shipped or if there was a problem—he told you the story he was told and it paid off,” Capper explains.

Further reminiscing Hunt’s character, Capper uses words like honest, fair, loyal, and icon, and notes his smile, love for people, as well his devotion to his wife and family.

“Ed always spoke of his high school sweetheart, Nancy, and how proud of his family he was,” adds Capper. “He was proud of his granddaughter and of course his grandson who plays for the U of Alabama.”

When asked about any great milestones that stick out in memory, Capper recalls when Hunt was elected president of the Awards and Recognition Association, known now as the Awards and Personalization Association. He also notes his great success at PDU/CAT.

According to Hunt’s obituary, outside of awards and recognition, he was a man of many interests. From a love for classic cars and tennis to his accomplishments as a musician, he was involved in many clubs and communities.

“He was a pillar of the recognition industry in his time,” Capper says of his legacy.

Those interested can share tributes and life memories of Ed Hunt here.

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