Applying Heat Transfers to Hard Substrates

Explore heat transfer as a method to decorate plaques or other hard substrates

When applying a heat transfer onto a hard substrate, it’s important that the item you are applying to isn’t bulky and has a flat surface. This allows the heat press to close all the way without breaking or damaging the hard substrate or the heat press. Most heat-applied materials can adhere to hard substrates, but it won’t be permanent. For a more permanent application, sign vinyl is recommended.

Step 1: Place the blank item on the heat press face up.

Step 2: Pre-press the blank item to eliminate any moisture.

Step 3: Lay the heat-transfer design face-down in the desired location. If using heat-transfer vinyl, place a cover sheet over both the substrate and transfer.

Step 4: Close the heat press until the set time is up.

Step 5: Open the heat press and peel the transfer back off the design to reveal the decorated substrate.

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