Apply Paint-Fill to Leather

Follow this technique to create colorful leather products. 

A technique to improve the contrast when laser marking leather is to paint-fill it. Essentially, you need to mask the surface prior to laser marking the graphics. You could easily use a paper adhesive mask, which is available from any sign shop. This paper product is also known in the sign industry as premask or transfer tape. After covering the surface of the leather, you would laser through the paper and into the leather.

Your next step would be to apply the paint. Using a spray paint is usually the easiest method of application and provides you with many color options. Be aware that the ingredients in some paints can dry out the leather. If this is a real concern, there are paints and inks specially designed for leather decoration.

-Richard Korbyl, Columbia Awards

richard korbyl columbia awards

Richard Korbyl

Columbia Awards

Richard Korbyl manages the family business, Columbia Awards, in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. He has been involved with the awards industry for over 20 years. If you have questions, contact Richard at 1-780-438-3266.

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