Apparel Decorating: Laser-Made Transfers

Create more apparel sales using laser-made transfers

Industry pros that have seen Laser-Flex transfers compare the quality to being identical to screen printing. The feel (or hand) of the completed transfer is excellent and identical to screen-printed garments. Creating quick, customized products is an ideal application and opens up the market for short production runs.

Finished transfers not only feel good but look good, too. Who can deny the crisp quality a laser-engraving system can create? Fine details can be tricky to create using screen printing, but they are easy for a laser to generate. Modern high-speed laser engravers can create a transfer for the front of a shirt in a matter of a few minutes, so smaller-sized jobs can be completed even more quickly. Many engraving shops already offer a mix of sublimation products and have a heat press at the ready. Create more apparel sales using laser-made transfers, especially with tricky projects like white graphics on a black shirt.

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