A&E Exclusive: Epilog Laser Announces Rebrand

The changes reflect the evolving business and expansion of laser product offerings, according to the company.

Epilog Laser Logo
Epilog Laser Logo

On March 4th, Epilog Laser announced some big changes. The Colorado-based company launched a new corporate brand identity including a website redesign, logo, graphics, communications, and correspondence to reflect the evolving business and expansion of laser product offerings.

“Since our inception in 1988, Epilog Laser has built a strong reputation for innovation and quality. We want our logo to tell the story of the manufacturing technology company that we have grown to be,” states Mike Dean, vice president of sales and marketing. “The new logo design reflects the modern technologies and advanced features that we are incorporating into our new product lines.”

According to Devon Posey, Epilog’s graphic designer, talks of rebranding started years ago; however, the first sketches and plans began in 2017. Like many projects, the first step was research. “Lots of reading, caffeine, and doodling were taking place during the first several months,” Posey offers. She headed most of the rebranding efforts including the new logo and font, but “the entire marketing team had a hand in implementing the new brand, including updating the website, advertising pieces, brochures, and other collateral; a press release announcing the rebrand; internal communications on the rebrand; and more,” she explains.

After rough drafts were created, the logo went through a series of approval rounds with multiple teams in the company. “While the process took over a year, it was a carefully thought-out, fast time period for our teams,” Posey elaborates.

The rebranding features a sleeker look with new horizontal and vertical logos that are more streamlined for digital and print mediums. The new logo is modern but maintains a familiarity in terms of color and the “E” that encompasses what Epilog is known for. “We believe at Epilog that the brand has evolved during the past 30 years,” adds Posey. “We want the brand and the logo to best reflect the technological achievements we’ve accomplished during those years and where we’re going in the future.”

Customers can expect to see the new logo and updated look in all communication and correspondence from Epilog for now on.

For more information and to check out Epilog’s new look, visit┬áwww.epiloglaser.com.

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