A&E Exclusive: CrystalEdge Launches New Website

The old site served its purpose, but it was time to bring it up to speed with the new generation of B2B e-commerce sites. 

CrystalEdge Logo
CrystalEdge Logo

You might remember CrystalEdge’s old website – a site that existed since the early days of the internet. While it served its purpose, it was time to bring it up to speed with the new generation of B2B e-commerce sites.

“Like any good e-commerce site, we simply want to facilitate an easier shopping experience. You ultimately want to make your customers’ lives a bit easier by building a website that allows them to find exactly what they need, quickly and easily, and provide all the necessary information and tools to allow them to make the best purchasing decisions and process their orders,” says Barry Slee, president of CrystalEdge.

CrystalEdge began its website redesign process last summer. After working out the entire site design, flow, and functionality using AdobeXD, it was time to get the web coders involved. After a month of executing the design, the new site launched in early December of 2018.

Slee further explains, “The newer site has all of the functionality you would expect from any large e-commerce site in addition to the aesthetic improvements made, as well as the overall flow of the website.” CrystalEdge simplified its display of product features, pricing, and optional add-ons. Check-out processes were improved and returning customers can now track their order status, among other things.

“Overall, the reception to the new site has been better than we expected, and we hope to continue to improve the site in the near future by adding things like live inventory and weekly specials,” Slee states. CrystalEdge soon plans to launch live inventory, which will simply include a button to view live inventory on each product details page. According to Slee, this inventory will be a live snapshot of what is currently in stock.

To check out the new site, visit www.slee.com.

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