Advantages of Having a Website for Your Business

Take ownership over the rules of how your website looks and functions.

By having your own website, you have ownership of what it looks like and the rules. Since Facebook is not owned by you, it could go away or make changes that could negatively impact your business. Same thing with Etsy and other platforms that people rely on to bring sales.

Your website is yours.

You need to make sure your website has a clear statement of your Why. That helps potential customers connect to make the purchasing decision. Also include other things, like the services you offer and policies regarding the customer experience. Lastly – and of great importance, as these replace the ability to touch and feel like a customer would in a live store experience – make sure your site has quality pictures that are all the same size, are visually appealing, and are professional-looking.

Have a website, but want to know more about SEO? Keep reading.

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