Adopt a High-Efficiency Production Process for Your Sandcarving Business

Why your business will benefit from this process.

The most successful sandcarving businesses have adapted their operation to employ a high-efficiency production process: using a comprehensive method of production and bringing together every piece of the sandcarving process to ensure the most efficient production operation. This process utilizes a production cell concept where the work takes place from start to finish in a production line. By combining the components of the production cell with a set training program that teaches the rules of the assembly line, a single person can run the cell, or multiple people can operate the cell, depending on the workload.

The process works with five stations including: exposure/development/drying; mask application; sandcarving; automatic washing; and mask removal, clean, and pack. All stations work together in a flow, as the production team “flex” from station to station. In addition to station flexing, efficiency tools and fixtures can be developed, helping speed up mask application and taping.

-Michael Sullivan, IKONICS Imaging

Michael Sullican IKONICS Imaging

Michael Sullivan

Michael Sullivan was previously the marketing manager for IKONICS Corporation.

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