Adding New Equipment to the Shop

New equipment may allow you to complete projects that were turned away in the past.

New equipment usually does one of three things: replaces an antiquated imprinting process; adds an additional way to imprint/decorate existing product offerings; or creates a way to imprint/decorate products that you do not currently offer. There are a few questions to ask. Will the new equipment adequately replace an older process and still satisfy the current clients well? For instance, a direct-print machine may be able to replace a hot-stamper, unless your repeat orders include metal foils – a look that is difficult to mimic.

If the equipment adds a new look to current products or adds the potential for new products and clients, then you may be adding this equipment based on business that was turned away in the past. If not, your business needs to have a plan to find the business for the new equipment. Just because you buy it does not mean the customers will automatically follow.

-Shon Roti, 9th Street Designs

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