Add Appeal to Promotional Products

Maximize visibility with personalization

If an organization gives a client a mug with its logo, there’s a good chance that person will drink from the mug in front of other people, generating more impressions, but it’s not guaranteed. Some people prefer to collect and display mugs, which probably won’t generate a high number of impressions. To maximize visibility, you want the end-user to not only use the product but use it routinely.

The best way to make that happen is to add the end user’s name to the logo. Now instead of a commodity, the mug is a special product that was created specifically for its user. That raises the value of the item in his/her eyes and it may become the only mug he/she uses. Because a personalized mug has more value to the company whose logo is on it, you can charge more for this added benefit, even though it costs you almost nothing to add a name.

Personalized promotional products are a newer trend, but few decoration companies are offering them because they aren’t set up to produce single pieces. Sublimation fits that bill nicely, and it’s not limited to coffee mugs. Bag tags, apparel, cell phone covers, water bottles, and laptop sleeves are just a few examples of personalized promotional product opportunities.

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