613 Originals Opens in New Jersey

The heat transfer bug apparently has the Flanagans in its grip.

613originals_275x275Heat transfer company 613 Originals announces the opening of its door in New Jersey. Industry veteran and company founder Frank Flanagan says the company’s start has been roughly a year in the making.

Steeped in the heat-transfer business since high school, Flanagan and his wife, Michele, started F&M Expressions in 1981 in New Jersey. The name refers to the couple’s first initials. The Flanagans sold the company in 2013. At the time of the sale, F&M’s workforce featured more than 170 employees and multiple locations in the U.S. and South America. Flanagan continued at the company until August 2016 when the couple decided to move to Florida, but the move didn’t last long, he explains.

“We decided that Florida just wasn’t for us, so we moved back to New Jersey,” says Flanagan. Back in the Northeast, he decided that he would return to the heat-transfer business.

Since 2017, Flanagan has worked to establish his new business, 613 Originals, in the Northern New Jersey city of Mahwah. Like his old company, 613 is a reference to both he and his wife’s first initials. Flanagan says he hopes to tap into multiple niches in the new endeavor.

“We’re focusing on the small-quantity, custom orders,” he says. Flanagan says that 613 Originals also aims to cover the resort business.

In addition to multiple markets, Flanagan says the company plans to offer heat transfers for a wide range of substrates including cotton, cotton-poly blends, and non-apparel goods.

Alongside the Flanagans, executives at the company include chief operating officer Jeff Goldstein and chief financial officer, Joe Endres.

With the website up and running, Flanagan says the company plans on promoting its services with a series of industry event and trade show appearances. The rollout also includes the opening of the company’s 25,000-square-foot headquarters in Mahwah, New Jersey and an office in Florida.

For more information, visit www.613originals.com or call 866-613-ORIG.

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