6 Tips to Prepare for a High-Volume Sandcarving Project

Up your sandcarving production the right way.

  1. Consider a custom mask service to produce your photomask stencils; this service saves you labor time for a minimal cost.
  2. Typically, a border of 1/4 or 1/2 an inch is placed around artwork; if you have a 1-inch border, you can avoid the need to tape. We recommend an alignment or specific border that best fits your item or shape. This eliminates critical time in mask placement.
  3. Invest in production equipment, especially an automatic washout system.
  4. Additional production tools to consider are a film dryer and larger exposure system. A larger exposure system allows you to expose multiple prints at one time or even long sheets.
  5. Create a production setup/flow. It is important to have all supplies on hand. Use the dual door feature on your sandcarving system – this allows for an easy load of ready-to-blast items and unload of etched items. Placing the etched products in a sink of water to allow the mask to lift off the substrate makes cleanup easy and fast.
  6. Have a reliable self-contained sandcarving system. Use a system that recycles abrasive. Prior to starting, order replacement parts for your system and go through any required maintenance.

-Liz Haas, Rayzist

Liz Haas

Liz Haas

Liz Haas has been a teacher, trainer and show coordinator for Rayzist Photomask for the past 15 years. For the past 10 years, she has actively taught workshops on the photoresist and the sandcarving process.

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