5 Do’s and Don’ts of Laser Engraving

Don't overlook this crucial laser engraving know-how.

  1. Never leave your laser unattended – Especially when cutting materials like acrylic.
  2. Never engrave/cut anything containing Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) – Not only is this material messy when laser cut/engraved, but it can also release a corrosive gas that is harmful to the inside of your laser system and your laser operator.
  3. Don’t be afraid to test new materials or experiment with settings – Have a fabric you think might engrave well? Give it a try! Not sure how a mug will turn out? Fire up the laser and find out. If you’re ever worried about settings, start with a medium to high speed and low power. Just remember, you can always add more power to achieve the look you’re going for, but you can’t take it away once an item has been engraved.
  4. Always make sure you have proper ventilation.
  5. Always use the air assist function when vector cutting – Especially with harder materials like wood and acrylic.
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