5 Advantages of Vector Engraving with a CO2 Laser

The time you could save is just one reason to consider this method

Vector work can be used for engraving and marking. So why bother? Why not just use the CO2 laser in a conventional way and use a raster job to mark your material? There are several advantages to making the switch to vector engraving.

  • A simple application, one that many of you may already do, can enhance the appearance of your regular raster work on rough materials in a relatively short time.
  • You can create very thin lines that may not show well using a conventional raster job.
  • It may save you some time.
  • You can forgo the use of laser marking materials in some cases.
  • It will allow you to work with material that cannot otherwise be marked well or efficiently using a raster job.

The image above shows the definition you can achieve on lettering using vector engraving.

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