3 Tips for Printing in the Resort Wear Market

'Tis the season for vacation! Please your resort wear clients with quality and consistency. 

Resort wear can be an awesome opportunity for consistent work at a great margin. While a lot of the same rules apply as any other market there are a few unique things you might want to consider when getting into printing for resort wear sector.

First, quality is king in this market. While it’s always important to create quality prints in screen printing, the emphasis on this in the resort market is dialed up a bit due to it being a retail product. These products are going to be sold at retail prices and need to have quality standards worth the price tag.

Resort wear also tends to utilize a variety of garments you might not commonly come across in other screen-printing markets. With higher margins, your customers might be more apt to explore higher end garments which can lead to blends or garments you might not be used to. Be sure to do your research and know your stuff before you agree to print on unfamiliar garments. If you still aren’t comfortable after research, ask your client for a garment sample to test print on before accepting a larger order. It’s much easier to test and learn your limitations than to accept something you’re not sure you can do and have to backtrack with your client when it doesn’t work out.

The last thing is the need to keep detailed notes on orders once you’ve secured the job. Again, seeing that this is a retail product, reorders are hopefully a sure bet. Having detailed notes on the design will help ensure recreating the product when the reorder comes up is a breeze. These new products will most likely be displayed right next to the previous orders, so ensuring consistency is huge. Products that differ in color or quality can really take away from the retail aesthetic and cause headaches for you and your customers. Consider keeping an approved sample in the shop to reference.

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