3 Points to Remember When Framing Measurements

Get your frame measurements right using these helpful hints...

Whether showcasing an award, graphic, medallion, or shadowbox objects, there are a few things to keep in mind to help ensure your measurements are accurate and visually appealing…

  • Photos or graphics are generally cropped by 1/4-inch per side by either the matboard or the frame “rabbet.” The graphic needs something to hold it in.
  • A standard reveal for a double mat is 1/4-inch. The reveal is the portion of the bottom mat which is showing, usually acting as an accent color.
  • The frame width is purely optional and is your choice. Narrow to wide, there is no right answer; either one creates an artistic impression of your design.

-Mark DiBello, About Frames

Mark DiBello

Mark DiBello is Director of Marketing for About Frames. Since 2001, he has worked with many companies across North America and Canada designing custom frame projects for large and small orders. He can be reached at

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