2 Simple Methods to Decorate Wood

Add these popular wood decorating options to your arsenal

Laser engraving and sublimation are both popular options to decorate wood products.

Laser Engraving

  1. First, design and customize a desired graphic.
  2. Next, place the material into the laser bed.
  3. Select the machine settings based on material, thickness, engraving depth, etc.
  4. Send the design file over to the machine software program.
  5. Align the laser head to a desired starting point.
  6. Finally, press go!


  1. First, design and customize a desired graphic.
  2. Next, print an image on a supported inkjet printer using specialty sublimation inks and paper.
  3. Place the printed image on a sublimation-ready surface (coated with a special poly coating).
  4. Place the product and print under a heat press (proper temperature usually hovers between 385-400 F for around 50 seconds. Required pressure is usually around 30-40 psi; check with your supplier).
  5. Finally, remove the product (using protective heat gloves), tear away the transfer, and admire the finished product.
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