10 Sublimatable Products for the Memorial Market

A great way to preserve a memory is with an item that can stand the test of time

There are many ways to preserve memories, but it is best if the item can stand the test of time. This is why sublimation is a great option for the memorial market. Here are several examples of ways to memorialize a loved one:

  1. Urn décor – create an ornament around an urn that is attached by ribbon featuring a photo of the deceased
  2. Grave markers – garden stake in grass with flowers behind it
  3. Casket cap panels – metal print in the casket
  4. Sympathy gift – garden stake with Peace lily; photo of deceased and a verse on it
  5. Outdoor dedications – oval building sign on bench or tree
  6. Archival metal prints (also used as casket caps)
  7. Keepsake box with photo tile
  8. Buttons
  9. Picture frame
  10. Blankets (memory blanket)

Read more about why sublimation is ideal for memorial products.

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