Why You Need Holding Tabs on Your Router

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There’s nothing better than getting to the end of your cut job, and seeing your hard work finally come to fruition. But depending on the size of your parts, it’s at this point, when you’re just about finished but still have a little way to go, where problems may arise. Even with a good vacuum hold, you may encounter some problems that prohibit you from completing the job satisfactorily. This is where holding tabs come in.

Small or slender parts don’t always retain a vacuum hold well, causing them to move around and possibly end up moving against the cutter. When that happens, the cutter may accidentally cut into your part, requiring it to be recut all over again. Sometimes, depending on the type of material, you may even end up with a damaged tool. The use of holding tabs can eliminate these issues.

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Susan Mattine

Susan Mattine

Susan Mattine is the communications and PR associate for the AXYZ Automation Group, a global manufacturer of tailored cutting solutions. She can be reached at [email protected]

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