Why should you personalize metal travel products?

Customers love metal items because they are more durable, they look more valuable, and a retail shop creates the potential to make more money by focusing on these products.

The ability to produce high-contrast, photo-quality images on real metal presents an advantage both in the high-end look and feel of the product but also in the one-step lasering process that does not etch, engrave, or require additional chemical sprays. AlumaMark, for example, works off of a thermal transformation to the surface (versus an engraved mark), which allows an extremely high level of detail that makes luggage tags and other personal items stand out. As a result, people are willing to pay a little more for a personalized metal tag, which allows engravers to charge more for items made on real metal.

There is also a growing interest in barcode labels, specifically QR codes, to track personal items including luggage, keys, and even pets. As these codes can be decoded with most smartphones and tablets, retailers might consider offering QR codes on travel items as a value add.

-Sam Wainer, Horizons ISG

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