Why should laser engraving shops invest in a fume extraction system?

  • The first reason to have fume extraction with laser engravers is to protect the health of the operator and those around it. A laser can turn an everyday material into something hazardous that you don’t want to come in contact with or inhale. 
  • Another reason is to protect the machinery inside the laser engraver and the laser itself, particularly the laser optics. If particulate and some chemicals build up inside the enclosure, there is increased down time for maintenance, replacement part costs, and the life of the laser engraver could be reduced. 
  • Finally, extraction improves the quality of the cut. When extractors remove particulate from the path of the laser, it stops it from scattering the light and defocusing the beam.   

   —BOFA International

Josh Evans

Joshua Evans

Joshua Evans is an applications engineer for BOFA International. He provides pre-sales technical support, generates and delivers training material to internal staff and external customers, and develops technical tools to streamline and enhance the sales process.

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