Why should I sell glass and crystal awards?

Crystal products have a high perceived value that people see and associate with. It’s a good thing to be associated with. Depending on the pieces you choose, you don’t have to be in a price war. Crystal and glass items are good products and have wide price range so that will bring a wider range of customers. Retailers don’t have to sell 100 pieces of trophy parts but instead they can sell 10 crystal awards and still make a high profit.

—CIP Creation Corp.

Chung-In Park

Chung-In Park has been in her family crystal business all her life. CIP Creation Corp. has been her life in addition to hobbies like hiking, snowboarding, traveling, and trying good food places. She has a family of four, two being her loving dogs. She went to the University of Richmond and received her Bachelor's degrees in Business Marketing and Fine Art.

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