Why Poor Needle Choice Results in Poor Embroidery

Get the word on sharp, ballpoint, and narrow needles in this quick tip. 

Using the wrong size or needle type can cause undue damage to the garment and thread breakage.

Sharp needles, by their nature, push through the fibers in a garment, sometimes cutting them rather than pushing them out of the way as a ballpoint does. Used incorrectly, the sharp needle can create holes or cuts underlying stitches, while a ballpoint used on a coarse, woven material may result in rough, stair-stepped edges as it’s deflected and pushed around threads.

Using a needle that is too narrow or has too small of an eye for thick threads will cause fraying and breakage, while using an overly large needle simply punches larger holes that may be visible in the end product, or which may cut previous stitches if they are placed too closely together.

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