Why is now a great time to invest in UV-LED printing?

UV printers are amazing pieces of equipment, but you must look at the entire picture to understand the versality and productive capability that the machines offer. UV-LED printers have become faster with better quality and continue to build upon an impressive list of applications. Combine the speed with bigger print areas, and productivity increases exponentially. Plus, they are easier to use and more reliable than years past. And all of that is available with a lower price tag. 

Printing shirts with a UV printer wasn’t publicly released just three short years ago. It is ok to wonder what various UV printer application labs will print over the next few years. 

   —Direct Color Systems

Michael Perrelli

Michael Perrelli

Michael Perrelli has over 7 years of marketing experience in the personalization industry. From 2013-2020, he held a marketing position with Direct Color Systems, a manufacturer of UV-LED printers. Now, he is the marketing director for CPS Resources, a manufacturer in the pad printing, hot stamp foil, and heat transfer market.

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