Why is it important to focus on mid-price glass and crystal awards?

We all love to show and promote high-end, glamorous glass and crystal awards. These are the pinnacle of what the awards industry can produce with some superb examples, but they also carry extremely high price tags. Usually, the sale of these magnificent pieces is limited to a single award and requires as much selling effort as 50 lower-cost awards.

After almost 30 years of designing glass and crystal awards of all price levels, our experience tells us that it is the mid-price level and upper low-end priced awards that generate by far the most volume, sales revenue, and margins for the decorator or engraver. Upper low-end awards typically range from $20-$50 and mid-level awards are $50-$150 at retail prices. At prices over $150, the sales volume drops off significantly.

When planning your showroom display it is important to not focus too much on the high-end awards. Choose a range that covers all price levels, and in particular make sure that the largest selection shown is for the mid-price level, followed by lower price level offerings, then feature only a few high-end feature or glamour pieces.

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Barry Slee, CrystalEdge

Barry Slee

Barry Slee is the president of the Slee Corporation/CrystalEdge. CrystalEdge is a provider of engravable glass and optic crystal blanks for trophies, awards, recognition, special events, gifts and artistic impression.

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